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Cullowhee is the name of the small town in North Carolina that's the home of Western Carolina University. It's also the name chosen by a group of musicians who started a band there in 1974.

The band lasted until 1985. Starting as a trio, Edwards, Clark, and Flynn, the band grew to six pieces and created a musical sound they called "Mountain Rock" - a combination of folk, country, gospel, pop and rock. They were "Americana" before there WAS "Americana."

Each band member wrote songs encompassing styles including pop, rock, country, folk, jazz, reggae, and other styles, and played a multitude of musical instruments. Every set featured segments by each member - a show within a show. The mixture of personality, music, comedy, and sincerity made a connection with many audiences.

Cullowhee lives on through the music and love of their fans.

The Members of the Band

Terry Edwards

Terry is the spiritual leader of Cullowhee and most often heard in the lead position. He's a prolific writer with songs that tell stories about family and traditional values. Terry plays guitar, bass and drums and sings lead and backup.

Mike Clark

Mike sings the high part on the harmonies, plays guitar and clarinet. He's an excellent writer whose melodies have a lilt and rhythm you can't forget. Mike sings lead and backup.

Sandy Flynn

Sandy sings the bass part, plays bass, guitar and cornet. His songs are beautifully worded and often include romantic themes. Sandy sings lead and backup.

Thom plays just about every wind and percussion instrument on the planet; and he even plays bass (but, curiously, not guitar). His flute solos stop the show night after night. And he sings backup.

Woody Jenkins

Woody is Thom's brother (but we don't hold that against him). Woody is the most rock-oriented musician in the group and plays screaming lead guitar, bass and drums. Woody sings lead and backup. Woody now performs regularly in Key West, FL, with sax player Amy Lee.

Rick Hubbard

Rick, known over the years as "Fred" and "F.T.", was the band's manager before joing the group on-stage. He writes, plays guitar, bass and keyboards. Rick sings lead and backup and today has his own solo career as a family entertainer.

"The BAND"

Cullowhee's Music

During their more than ten years together, Cullowhee recorded two LPs and a half-dozen 45 singles.

Click on these links for some great tunes:

Bring Back The Magic
by Terry Edwards
and Sandy Flynn

Back Porch Picker
by Terry Edwards

Damned If I Do
by Rick Hubbard

by Mike Clark

Flute Salad
by Thom Jenkins

Natural Mountain Woman
by Terry Edwards

by Woody Jenkins